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Friday, August 14, 2020

Network Map


“We have created a common sector network for the border-crossing flow of information which has made contacts more durable and intense and which has put the focus on a European perspective on the problems of the sector.”

 Klaus Gutbrod, Project Director Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld (Germany)

Network Partners

The European sector network wood / furniture has grown. For the first time, the colleagues from the Polish furniture industry have joined. Therefore, there are now seven national trade unions from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria participating. As a European partner, the EFBH located in Brussels is also involved.

It is our aim to interest other trade unions from other EU27 countries for our network as well.
The network activities are coordinated in a transnational project group.

The national trade union partners and the EFBH in Brussels guarantee the transfer of information and the reassignation of the results into national and European practices.